Meeting of the Minds: The New Paradigm for Sales and Marketing

Posted by Mworks740 • May 2, 2016

The B2B buying cycle has never been more complex. Not only is the demographic of the buyer changing, so is the decision-making process. With technology at everyone’s fingertips, buyers are likely now 60% of the way through the sales cycle before they engage with your organization. Knowing who your prospects are, what they want and… Read More

5 Advantages of Using a Social Media Content Calendar

Posted by Mworks740 • March 16, 2016

  In this day and age, if your business doesn’t have a social media presence, then you’re behind the times. Even just two years ago, almost 90% of B2B businesses were on at least one social network. However, you don’t just want to jump on any and all social media channels. You need to have… Read More

5 Advantages of Using a Social Media Content Calendar

4 Powerful Benefits of Testimonial Videos

Posted by Mworks740 • March 11, 2016

  So you have happy clients, now what? If you haven’t been capturing their endorsements, you should start. Client testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for building brand credibility and converting leads. And with 79% of all internet traffic expected to be made up of video content by 2018, video testimonials are more… Read More

4 Powerful Benefits of Testimonial Videos

3 New Social Media Features and What They Mean to Marketers

Posted by Mworks740 • March 2, 2016

  Don’t blink. You might miss the next big social media update. In the last couple of weeks three of the big social platforms have all announced major updates. What do these updates mean to marketers? Let’s take a look. Facebook Reactions The most widely-noted of the updates, Facebook Reactions complements the classic “like” button… Read More

3 New Social Media Features and What They Mean to Marketers

Where Are They Now? Intern Edition

Posted by Mworks740 • February 26, 2016

  One of the founding principles of Marketing Works is to serve as a conduit of success for everyone we touch, and our interns are no exception. Our three-month internship program sets our interns up for success by offering them a real-world, hands-on experience. We thought it would be fun to reflect on some of… Read More

Measuring Media Share of Voice and What it Means to Your Company

Posted by Mworks740 • February 19, 2016

It’s no secret that companies have been cutting media clips for years. But just cutting clips alone only reveals half the picture if you don’t know how your competitors are faring and if you’re getting ROI from PR. Another common measurement barometer is only looking at impressions – don’t make this mistake. Impressions are great,… Read More

Social Media Image Sizing Guide

Posted by Mworks740 • February 10, 2016

When it comes to social media, it feels like there’s a new change every day – and the ideal image sizes for each social media channel is no exception. Facebook pictures should be sized differently than Twitter pictures, which in turn need to be sized differently than LinkedIn pictures; it’s a confusing mess of resolutions… Read More

Applying Fair Use to Marketing and Public Relations (Fair Use Pt. 2)

Posted by Mworks740 • February 5, 2016

In this second part of our two-part series on fair use, we’ll be looking at some frequently asked questions regarding fair use and how it applies to marketing and public relations. In part one, we took a look at fair use in a Q&A with media law professor Dr. Matthew D. Bunker, where we discussed… Read More

Understanding Fair Use and Copyright Law (or How to Avoid a Lawsuit)

Posted by Mworks740 • January 29, 2016

  A common question we receive from clients is whether they are allowed to repost a published piece of content to their website or social media accounts. Answering questions such as this requires an understanding of fair use, a legal defense allowing a person to borrow and repurpose copyrighted works. To better understand the nuances… Read More