The Importance of Team Building Activities

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In June we posted a blog on 5 Fun Team Building Activities in Columbus, last weekend we decided to try one of those activities by taking a trip to the Columbus Zoo. Not only did we have a great time, one of our team members, Sam, got to cross “feed the giraffes” off her bucket list! Our trip to the zoo was also a great way to welcome our new Senior Vice President, Bill, to our team!


Sam, PR Coordinator, fulfilling her dream to feed the giraffes.


Brenda with Giraffe

Brenda, CEO, feeding the giraffes.

While trips to the Zoo are always exciting, team building activities can offer more than just a fun time. In a small office setting, it is especially important to have a positive company culture and strong office cohesion. Here are three ways team building activities can help make this happen:

  1.  Getting to know one another. The Marketing Works team brought along a friend or family members to join the fun at the Zoo on Saturday. By meeting the family and friends of the team, we all had the opportunity to get to know the people we spend our time with outside of work.. We also had the chance to learn things about your colleagues that you wouldn’t usually get a chance to learn such as favorite animal or part of the Zoo.   
  2.  Increase collaboration among employees. When you find something that everyone at the office enjoys or is interested in, people are excited to go and are going to have fun. In finding these commonalities, it can translate in the office to employees working together more often. When we fed the giraffes it was a great opportunity to interact with one another. By sharing a common experience and working together towards a common goal (even if the goal is trying to get a giraffe to eat a leaf) the team can use the same techniques in the office as well.
  3. Help encourage conversation among employees.  Team building activities provide an opportunity to have fun outside the office and  that cohesion can translate back into the office as well. Along with encouraging collaboration, team building activities will help employees understand communication preferences. Using team building activities to practice effective communication that can be used inside and outside the office can improve the way any team operates.

Marketing Works team and their friends and family at the Zoo

Marketing Works team and their friends and family at the Zoo

Regardless of the size of your company, it is important to have strong cohesion among your team. While we already work as a great team here at Marketing Works, it’s always fun to have a company outing especially to welcome new members to our team!

Have other ideas for team building activities? Let us know in the comments!


Event Spotlight: Project Blues Review 2014

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Digital Imagers

This year marks the fourth annual Project Blues Review to benefit the Columbus Cancer Clinic. Project Blues Review brings together world renowned blues artists for the purpose of fighting cancer. For this year’s event, the Muddy Waters Tribute Band is headlining with one of the original members, John Primer. Among the other artists performing are Karen Lovely, Jonn Richarson Band, Deuce ‘n a Quarter, and Sean Carney.

The ultimate goal of Project Blues is to benefit families in need that are affected by cancer by providing them with the care and support they need. Every $90 raised for this event will provide a free mammogram for central Ohio women who can’t afford them and to adopt families in need to provide them with support and treatment for their illness.

The blues offers a strong foundation in hardship, overcoming adversity, and fellowship that communicates the message of raw human emotion. In addition to the concert for the general public, the blues artists also perform a free concert for the patients of the Columbus Cancer Clinic and LifeCare Alliance.

Digital Imagers

What is it? Annual blues concert to benefit the patients of the Columbus Cancer Clinic

 Who is going to be there? Blues artists: Muddy Waters Tribute Band, The Jonn Richardson Band, Karen Lovely, Sean Carney, Deuce n’ a Quarter

 When is it? Saturday, August 23, 2014, 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

 Where is it? The LifeCare Alliance Center,670 Harmon Ave. Columbus (43223)

Why you should go: By buying a ticket and attending the concert you have the potential to save lives. All proceeds go to the Columbus Cancer Clinic, the more free mammograms Project Blues is able to provide, the closer they come to their goal of helping as many women and saving as many lives as possible.

For more information and ticket information go to

Planning on attending Project Blues Review? Let us know in the comments!

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