There’s a Time for Everything

Posted by Mworks740 • November 13, 2015

Just as soon as I got settled here, it’s already time to move on. This internship was great and has been quite an adventure. The skills I learned are invaluable not only professionally, but also personally. Sure, I could have done an internship elsewhere to learn the same skills, but I wouldn’t have gotten the same “family”… Read More

Healthcare Meeting of the Minds: A Forum for Healthcare Executives

Posted by Mworks740 • November 7, 2015

With the ever-changing healthcare climate, providers’ resources are being pulled in two very different directions – compliance and culture.  For now, compliance with government regulations is the priority, but consumerism is rising, and thus the need for a major culture shift to not only effectively treat health issues, but to treat people right in order… Read More

3 Ways B2B Can Apply B2C Principles

Posted by Alexander Lunder • October 30, 2015

Marketing is divided into two categories: B2B and B2C. There is quite a distinction between the two in the way they market, primarily because of the differences in their audiences. Why don’t more marketers take what works in one industry and apply it to another? We’re going to show you how to apply three B2C… Read More

Why Celebrating Success Matters

Posted by Alexander Lunder • October 23, 2015

Marketing Works is all about being a conduit of success to everyone we touch.  We take all successes seriously, big and small. Whether it’s gaining a new client or receiving an award, a little praise can go a long way. Celebrating success is something organizations should do more often, and here are just a few… Read More

My Half-Over Adventure

Posted by Alexander Lunder • October 15, 2015

The past six weeks here have been one big adventure for me. Not only because I have a new job at a marketing firm, but also because I moved to a city I’ve never been to before. I’ve lived in Cleveland my whole life–resided in the same house, went to the same places and stayed… Read More

Facebook’s Dislike Option: Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down?

Posted by Alexander Lunder • October 2, 2015

We stated in our last blog about the importance of social listening. What better way to segue this topic than focusing on what everyone’s talking about–Facebook’s ‘dislike button’ speculation? If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, we’ll catch you up: Recently, Facebook has been considering adding a ‘dislike button’ on business pages. Many reports… Read More

The LOGICal Way to Approach Social

Posted by Alexander Lunder • September 25, 2015

Here at Marketing Works, enriching our own marketing knowledge and expertise is something we value. We’d like to think we know everything about social media, but because it’s constantly growing and ever-changing it’s challenging to stay ahead of the game. With this being said, our team had the opportunity to sit in on Alistair Wheate’s… Read More

GOST: Event Planning the Marketing Works Way

Posted by Alexander Lunder • September 11, 2015

Successful events, as with any other successful business activity, should come from a well thought out goal. Yes, even our events have strategy behind them because we’ve learned the more thought put behind them, the more successful the event. Our event planning sequence is GOST: Goal, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. Figuring out the best way… Read More

Project Blues: A Testament to Our Values

Posted by Alexander Lunder • September 4, 2015

We get it. We do what it takes. We do the right thing. We care: these are our core values that serve as a framework for everything we do here. While we can talk about these values all day, let’s focus on just one: we care. This can mean a myriad of things to any… Read More